User registration: terms

To use University Web E-mail you need to know:

  • Web E-mail server address:
  • Username,
  • Password. Password is private. You have to create your password when start using Web E-mail, save and not transmit to another persons. If you suspect disclosure of your password, change your recent password. In case you forgot your password, complete Password Change form (see “Password”).
  • Personal Web E-mail address:, where “name” is username.

To receive your user ID and password, you have read and accept terms of MRU IT resource availability.

  Approved by Rector's ordinance No. 1I-146, 2006 April 10



  1. Terms of Mykolas Romeris University’s IT resource availability, hereinafter referred to as Terms, sets forth general requirements for use of IT resources of Mykolas Romeris University, hereinafter referred to as University, by University’s administrative, teaching, research staff, other University’s personnel and students.
  2. Terms and definitions:
    1. University’s IT system shall mean a unit of technical aids and software owned by University and used to transfer, store, process and produce data.
    2. University’s IT users shall mean administrative, teaching, research staff, other University’s personnel and students who exploit University’s IT resources in their daily activities.

  4. University’s IT system is owned by University and shall be used solely for the purposes of University’s administration, teaching, research and general education.
  5. University’s IT users are entitled to use University’s IT resources solely for the execution of work directly linked with the implementation of official duties.
  6. University’s IT users shall use University's IT resources professionally and in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, University’s statute, regulations and normative acts of LITNET, a computer network of Lithuania’s institutions of science and education, and general internet usage norms.
  7. Data produced, stored, sent or received via University’s IT system shall be deemed carrying no private character.
  8. Authorisation by University's Secretary is necessary to use University’s IT resources for:
    1. commercial purposes;
    2. unauthorized software installation.
  9. University’s IT users shall refrain from acts which may harm or damage or monopolize University’s IT resources, or in any manner restrict accessibility of University’s IT system to other University's IT users unless such acts are necessary to perform their official duties.
  10. Use of University's IT resources prohibits:
    1. dissemination of destructive and illegal software;
    2. installation and usage of illegally acquired software;
    3. use of University's IT resources for private purposes;
    4. use of listservers, mailing lists and internet relay chat (IRC), unless it is necessary for the purposes specified in Article 3 of the present Terms;
    5. use of University's IT resources for computer games;
    6. printing documents irrelevant for work;
    7. sending graphic, audio- and video- files irrelevant for work;
    8. sending large number of e-mails unless it is necessary for the purposes specified in Article 3 of the present Terms;
    9. other actions which may overload University’s IT system unless it is necessary for the purposes specified in Article 3 of the present Terms;
    10. sending via e-mail or exposure of false, malicious, defamatory, threatening and/or pornographic material on internet hoardings or mailing lists;
    11. storage of illegally acquired graphical and audiovisual files or files in University’s IT storage devices irrelevant for official duties.

  12. Any violation of the aforesaid Terms may temporarily or permanently terminate University’s IT user’s right to use University’s IT resources.