Frequently Asked Questions

How to change Google Apps display language?

To change your Google Apps display language:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account.
  2. On the left, click Personal info.
  3. Under "General preferences for the web," click Language > Edit Edit.
  4. Search for and select your preferred language.
  5. Click Select.
  6. If you understand multiple languages, click + Add another language.

After you change your language preferences, close and reopen your browser.

More info at:

How to forward mail to another account or stop forwarding?

How to forward mail to another account or stop forwarding is available here:

Why do you need two separate passwords wanting to use Google Apps services?

If you connect to e-mail, the calendar and other Google Apps services only through a browser - then you only need one password – the same to which you connect to the University computer in public work spaces and WWW services. A single sign-on system is used ensuring that the password will not be transferred to Google.

Another different password will be required, if you want to connect from mobile device programs or from client e-mail applications (Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird and others). This password is presented to Google and for security reasons, we require that it differ from the MRU user password. How to create this password and use it is written here.